UCF10 Chasing LED Bumper Signal Lights

UCF10 Chasing LED Bumper Signal Lights

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LightsUp.Pro Chasing LED Bumper Signal Lights

This kit contains a complete front turn signal assembly with pre-installed LED boards in the brand (DEPO) new turn light housings. Installation is very easy!

Kit contains:

  • 4pcs. LightsUP Complete LED Lights in DEPO housings
  • Remote Controller
  • Ready to use Wiring
  • 2pcs. LED Load Resistors
  • Installation Manual


No hyperflash or warning lights, everything you need is included. 

These lights work as regular turn signals in normal cases, but they also are controlled by a remote controller – to configure them or enable DEMO mode. You can choose from a few different turn signal animations. There is a police light effect mode and a DEMO mode. Keep in mind, that for installation, you will need to attach an extra wire (+) running from the battery down to the lights. The package comes with 2 complete turn lights for each side, all of the necessary wirings, two resistors to stop quick blinking and installation instructions.

All of our light modifications are meant for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. Please refer to your local laws and regulations to see if this is permitted for street use in your area.



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