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Cusco LSD Hybrid

Cusco LSD Hybrid

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L.S.D. refers to Limited-Slip Differential Gear, used in the center and final-drive, differential-gear section of most automobiles. While standard "open-differential" is commonly used on mundane production vehicles to allow the rotational difference of outside and inside wheels, in motorsports application requires that the driving wheels transfer power to the road surface regardless of condition, surfaces, driving style, and automobile design weaknesses.

The purpose of LSD is to limit the 'free-wheeling' of any wheels that are slipping, or airborne, and otherwise preventing the power from transferring to the ground. LSD system does this by providing a certain controlled amount of locking effect to each of the driving wheels, so that the power is transmitted to all driving wheels affected.

Common and generic discussions about LSD systems, floating around the modern internet, stress that the LSD systems simply increase traction. Or, simply claim to provide grip for "better performance". However, we at Cusco believe and design our products based around principles that are much deeper than these simple generalizations. Our racing background and deep R&D experience goes back nearly half century, and as a company founded in 1977 our products have always stayed true to advanced motorsport benefits and on-going development.

We believe that the LSD systems should work to provide drivers with least amount of compromises, and fine-tuning in all aspects to crater a precise character that a driver might need for a very wide variety of motorsport stages. It should not simply lock the differential, but be available to lock when needed, and not lock when it isn't optimal to do so. Cusco LSD provides many elements that can be tuned and tailored, and have multiple system configuration to match the character of how it locks, when it locks, and releases, and adjustability of strength of the lock, and responsiveness of each of these factors.

Cusco also understand that the LSD systems can affect the overall handling of the car, therefore also the chassis and suspension requirements and optimization will also change accordingly. It is the cumulative overall design of every component of the car, which will determine the settings and needs of each of these items. This is why Cusco offers a full-line of chassis bracing, suspension systems, and dynamic alignment correction components to setup a car to the best potential, counting on each element to achieve the best balance, and closer to the goal of the driver and teams to win competitions, or provide more tactile road cars for the descerning owners.


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